Personal Content Creation

We appoint you and your business with it's very own Personal

Photographer & Videographer!

We dedicate between 2.5-4 hours a month to your business creating original content

month to month for you to use on your website, social media and promotional material. 

We cover Croydon and surrounding areas.

Find out more below. 

Photography Reflector Lamp

Your Personal Photographer

Need photo's of yourself at work?, your end products/crafts? Head-shots? Your Team? An Event your Hosting?

Have your own personal Professional photographer take care of all your photo needs. You will have full rights to use the photos for promotional and personal use. You will also have access to our pop up studio for head-shots once every 3 months. View examples.

Logo Design

Personalise your content

We can add your logo or any other information to your photos and video for added personalisation and to keep a consistency to your content.

video camera conference

Your Personal Videographer

Have newly created promo or demo videos for you to use every month. Never run out of content and always keep your customers interested and updated. View examples

Striped Envelopes

Photo Gifts

We also throw in a few extras for you to use to promote yourself or your business such as photo magnets or keyrings which will include your logo and contact details. Use these as giveaways to your customers and never let them forget you! Having something tangible for your customers to take away with them is always a good idea. If you need extra's you will receive these at £2.50 each.



All photos you receive will be fully edited in a high resolution digital JPEG format for you to use across all channels. e.g. promotional material, social media, website, portfolio.

Any videos created will be created and edited to a high quality and will be up to 3 minutes long.

Jewelery Site Web Design


As well as being Photographers & Videographers we have  experience in website building on platforms such as Wix, Shopify, Weebly etc.

We will build you a Custom 5 page Wix website which will include the following pages Home, About me, Services/Products, Contact us and one other page of your choice. Eg. gallery. *Please note Wix do charge for the hosting of the website & domain connection from £3/month

Visuals are important!

Say no to stock content, bad quality phone images or no content at all!

Check out these statistics to see just how important having original high quality content really is... 


The content for your business is very important. Quality and consistency is key to bringing in new customers and increasing your exposure. Moments go unmissed all the time so having a personal photographer and videographer will also increase the chances of  capturing moments that you may not otherwise be able to catch yourself. Being visible online with low quality visual content or stock photo's and videos versus being online with high quality original content is what will set you apart from your competitors. That is what will attract customers to you rather than to your opponent.

People Prefer Visuals

"Online consumers can retain only 10 to 20% of the information they read or hear about, but once that information is paired with visual elements, the information retained suddenly goes up to 65%."



"Your social media content will generate 94% more views if it contains visual elements, which proves that people prefer to engage with content that’s both informative and pleasing to the eye. "


Boosts Engagement

"High-quality visual content included in your social media marketing efforts can generate more likes, shares and comments than a simple text would. As a matter of fact, your articles can experience a 37% increase in engagement."

Customers Love Video

"Video is one of the most important visual aspects used in content marketing today. That being said, in 2019, 80% of internet traffic will consist of video traffic. In addition, 64% of consumers are more willing to make a purchase after watching a product video."

Information by 'Market Maven  - The Importance of Using Visual Content in Social Media Marketing'

We have designed our packages so you can spread the cost by paying monthly yet still receive a high quality service. This will also ensure consistency as the same photographer or videographer will make the visits, this will allow you to get to know each other and your business in order to produce the best possible visual content. The same individuals who produce your content will also work on your website* If you choose to have this package.


*Please get in contact if you would like to pay upfront for your package. You will receive a discount of up to 20% off.

Call us now on 07951288673 or email to discuss

Types of businesses we work with

  • Designers - fashion, interiors, soft furnishings

  • Builders - Refurbishments, bathroom/kitchen fitters

  • Landscape - Gardens

  • Cake makers

  • Jewellery businesses

  • Florists

  • Body artist's

  • Bloggers/ Influencers

  • Event organisers

Please do feel free to contact us if you are not on this list as we may be able to still work with you.

What happens after you select your package?

Your personal photographer will schedule a call with you at a convenient time where you will have a consultation. During this time you will discuss your business, aims and goals. You will have the opportunity to discuss how you can utilise the service to achieve the best outcome possible for you and your business. The call will last approx 20-30mins. During this call we will set up your first session. At each session you will have the opportunity to book your next appointment at a time which is both suited to you and the photographer. For your monthly videography visit you will schedule this via email. If you are choosing the Gold Package you will have a more in depth consultation and possibly a meeting to discuss your needs. 


Example Video's

Example Photo's

Please visit our full portfolio here. 



At work
At work

Active images of you at work


On location or in our portable studio

At work
At work

Active images of you at work







Frequently asked questions

Why do you require 6 months commitment?

Our service is unique and personal. In order for us to create good content we need to get to know you and your business, so we can not only listen to what you want and need for your business, but so we can add helpful siggestions to grow your engagement and create beneficial profitable content. This service is not providing general one-off photography or videography. It is an all round service working alongside your business catering for your consistent content creation needs.

Can I cancel the subscription at any time?

Yes you can but please note as the full package is a 6 month subsciption you would not receive the full copyright lisence and therefore any content we have given you to us will have to cease it's usage accross all platforms and channels. If you choose the Gold Package and cancel your subscription before your 6 month end date the website willl be deactivated.

What copyright lisence do we receive as part of the package?

You receive a partial exclusive lisence. This entitles you to use the photos for your website, social media and for print. However if you cease business with us before your 6 month subscription has ended then you no longer have rights to use the images. When you stay your full subscrition period you gain full exclusive rights to use the photos & videos.

What areas do you cover?

We cover South East London, paticularily Croydon and areas surrounding.

Do you charge any extra fee's?

All fee's are covered in your monthly payment. The only other extra fee that may occur is if you require your Photographer/Videographer to travel more than 5 miles outside of Croydon. All locations within that radius is included in your monthly fee.